In the last few years, WordPress has become one of the most popular and effective platforms for building websites. In fact, webmasters have preferred this platform over every other for building all kinds of websites. The best part is that building a WordPress website is free, and gives you the opportunity to use numerous themes (free or paid) to suit your website, needs, requirements and niche.

WordPress allows you to create polished and powerful websites. Moreover, you don’t even have to learn about a lot of coding. When you’re comfortable with WordPress, you can accomplish some things in a week that could take you more than a month to build from scratch. Once the WordPress software is successfully installed on a server, it offers a wide range of tools for managing and building excellent websites.

It’s important to understand that WordPress works best for some particular types of websites, such as WordPress personal blogs, brochure sites, ecommerce websites and more. Building these websites is easy and quick with WordPress. In addition to this, the well designed WordPress plug-ins can provide your website with more functionalities to build high end social networks, job boards and other customized websites.

Some developers have even been talking about using the WordPress platform for designing and developing applications. However, this may not be possible for the next few months. A better understanding of the different sites you can build with WordPress will give you a better idea about choosing this platform. In this post, we have discussed some website types built with the WordPress platform.

WordPress Personal Blogs 

It’s worth mentioning that personal blogs have always been prominently built with WordPress. Although there are many other options for creating personal blogs, WordPress personal blogs are more versatile. Moreover, WordPress blogs are best supported of all other options for building personal blogs. and are two of the more than 50 blogs based on WordPress platform, which appear in the list of Top 100 blogs.

Magazine Style Websites

WordPress platform can even be used to build effective magazine style websites. Such websites don’t have any sort of chronological organizational structure like personal blogs. In fact, they focus on many different articles on the site’s homepage. The highlighting is mostly done through a thumbnail photograph or image.

E-commerce Websites

With a WordPress website, it can be very easy to add ecommerce capability. You can choose from a wide range of ecommerce plugins. While some are available for free, others are paid. There are also premium plugins that need valid licenses.

You can also choose from various WordPress themes. They are specifically designed to support ecommerce activities. Thus, it does not come as a big surprise that WordPress can be used to create ecommerce websites. There are many online companies and home based businesses that use the WordPress platform. and are two of the millions of ecommerce websites that use WordPress.

Static Websites

It’s worth mentioning that WordPress can provide you with a very dynamic website without any problems. However, you can choose to avoid posts, and easily limit yourself to just static pages. Thus, it’s easy to build a static or flat website with the WordPress platform.

There are many benefits of using the WordPress platform to build static websites. The most important benefit is that you’re able to choose from a wide range of appearance and graphic options. It’s easy to set up static or flat websites for sales pages, online resume websites, business websites for physical stores and more.

Social Networking Websites

These days, social networking websites are quite popular and effective. In case you have an idea for a small social networking site, you can use the WordPress platform to build it. There are many plugins that provide your visitors with the chance to create their profiles, manage accounts, and interact with many other users sharing similar interests.

Most plugins even allow users to offer their social networking members the opportunity to run fully featured WordPress personal blogs directly from the website. This can be an effective strategy to generate more traffic.

There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the most powerful and flexible website building platforms. Whether you want to build WordPress personal blogs or focus on ecommerce websites, there’s a very good chance that you will be able to build an effective and user friendly website with the WordPress platform. WordPress not only helps you build an excellent website, but also makes sure you’re able to promote it in the best possible manner.